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Keeping track

(You see, brother, I can do more than one word titles.)

Confrontation by a group of knights.

Focus on mages - Dorian of the House of Pavus' mage status and Brother Sebastian's daughter.

Focus on crime - references to a son who stole things, daughter as arsonist, disciplinary records of people with Agravaine

Claims that prison = trying to clean up Ffamran's act

Connection to Dr. Cid due to said focus? Has Cid ever shown any sign of hating mages? I don't think he's aware of the world outside of Ivalice.

Gisbourne = some kind of contact? Fellow brother? Looked miserable.

Talk of a squire that "left" and has been seen here.

Did not seem to get recognized. Threatening to Master Dorian and Corporal Thomas. At worst, they called me a Nabradian and implied I was engaging in a tryst. Would that I had such company.

I do not know how I feel. Uneasy, perhaps, but there is a sinking feeling as well.
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For once, little to do with us. That's good. We can use their lack of knowledge of our facts to iron this out. Are you all right though? After that?