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Dropped the notes off for the week with Thomas and discussed simple stretching ideas. Dizziness is slowly getting better. I don't feel like stairs are an excuse to see how unsteady I am on my feet.

Kitchen is swamped due to cooking for some meeting, and I suspect I should have someone else there so I don't accidentally let a pan scald. I might do fine. I'm sleeping better than I ever did back when I was Gabranth. Basch was asleep when I passed his door, and as far as I know he does not sleep well later at night. So - waiting to order or try cooking. It is not a terrible thing.

I think I'll stop by that holy office. Brother Hanzo sits there sometimes, to meditate, and I have the feeling he leaves when he feels he has regretted enough versus when he is peaceful. The quiet did not feel oppressive, when I went there with Brother Sebastian. It - does not seem an insult to the meaning of the place to just want to sit a while, and possibly benefit from another's devotions. Bearing witness is a devotion of a sort, and one that is hard to fail.

Date: 2017-03-09 12:22 am (UTC)
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There's obviously not the same amount of time in any given day to devote what he used to in prayer and in speaking the words of the chant, but Sebastian tends to haunt the prayer room all the same, minus the times that Hanzo's headed in instead, when the room is transformed a little, but there's incense in the air, a little more perfumed than Hanzo's, that remains no matter who is there, and a small statue Sebastian's knelt in front of, his voice finding an easy rhythm in what he has always known.

The days have been hard, lately, things in Starkhaven have been hard to gain a hold of, and though he's holding firm and change IS coming, a few times return, on and off to bring him doubt, despite the fact it's weakening his resolve and...Sebastian can't allow for that to continue, if there is to be any help for that. And so he tries, at least to find a sense of peace in the words he's known from early childhood, if not a source of inspiration too.

"Maker, my enemies are abundant.
Many are those who rise up against me.
But my faith sustains me; I shall not fear the legion,
Should they set themselves against me.

In the long hours of the night
When hope has abandoned me,
I will see the stars and know
Your Light remains.

Date: 2017-03-09 12:44 am (UTC)
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It likely is a good thing that Noah is planning for a future now, instead of simply going about things as they will. There is a lot to be said for coming up with goals, and strategies to face the days ahead. Hope is one thing that remains eternal against many other troubles, after all. Why not embrace it here and now.

Sebastian has some hope for all that things have become difficult, for all that his council's proving difficult to deal with, and the chantry's not been helpful either, but hope alone doesn't sustain some things, and he hardly notices that anyone's come in, a little far back in his thoughts.

"I have faced armies
With You as my shield,
And though I bear scars beyond counting, nothing
Can break me except Your absence.

When I have lost all else, when my eyes fail me
And the taste of blood fills my mouth, then
In the pounding of my heart
I hear the glory of creation.

You have grieved as I have.
You, who made worlds out of nothing...

And here, Sebastian pauses, not so much hearing as sensing that he's been joined. He's taken out of things a little, glancing up and behind him, expecting perhaps Hanzo to have come, though when he notices Noah is here instead, he can't help cocking a curious eyebrow in his direction.

"I...do you need me to..."

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"I hardly mind that at all." Sebastian offers him a slightly dazed smile. "Please, if you'd like to stay. I hardly mind at all." And then, he's turning fully, getting a look at Noah's face, and catching that look on his face.

"If I might," He says, "You look like there is something on your mind? Or...questions?" He's not sure how to proceed here. "You can ask if you'd like. I'm fairly adept at explaining this by now."

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"Brothers and mistakes..." Sebastian's smile twists a little, his tone almost ironic as he says the words. "I know something of those. And friendship? I wouldn't mind speaking of that at more length, myself. It seems to me to be something that changes, more and more."

Belief is one of those things that changes too, at that. Sebastian's had his own shift more than once, even though the main one hasn't wavered. These days, while his faith in Andraste, and the Maker, has remained, he's also found Starkhaven, and a faith in her, a need to serve, that's equally as fervent.

"And I'm near done, here, actually. The prayer's for those in need of faith, something to sustain them through difficulties. The entire thing is fairly long, but the bits we use, those aren't so much."

Date: 2017-03-09 02:47 am (UTC)
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"Not for some time yet." Sebastian smiles. "I'd appreciate it. There is quite a lot on my mind just now, and the distraction, it may help me find what I need."

He turns back then, shutting his eyes a moment, taking a few breaths to find the rhythm of the verse again.

You have grieved as I have.
You, who made worlds out of nothing.
We are alike in sorrow, sculptor and clay,
Comforting each other in our art.

Do not grieve for me, Maker of All.
Though all others may forget You,
Your name is etched into my every step.
I will not forsake You, even if I forget myself.

Maker, though the darkness comes upon me,
I shall embrace the Light. I shall weather the storm.
I shall endure.

"I shall endure." Sebastian repeats, firmer now, as he stands, feeling a bit more centered, despite all of the rest. "The Maker works in some strange ways. Perhaps he sent you to remind me of the fact tonight."

Date: 2017-03-09 03:11 am (UTC)
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Sebastian looks at him now, thinking about the fact that may have been a little difficult, but so long as he doesn't seem in much pain, it's something to keep an eye on, more than to mention right now.

"Tea is a good idea." He nods. "And a kitchen spotter, as it were. I could manage to help with that. You are welcome, you know. Any time you might need peace."


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